Our Vision & Mission

The vision of our school is” imparting quality education with added values and equip the students with skills to become successful in life.”

Our mission is “ To inspire the child  to love for learning values, develop diversified individual abilities and transform him into a useful citizen.”

Our Aim:

To produce Intellectually well developed Morally Upright, Psychologically well Balanced, Spiritually Oriented, Socially Concerned, Competency based and Commitment Oriented Teacher for Quality Education in School & college.

Our Philosophy

Is to make our students self confident and competent to achieve excellence in their life and render their services for the progress of the Nation.

1.A Day which is not planned is lost forever.”

2.Plan and organize your time.

3.Avoid gossip and assign the work.

4.Don’t entertain time waste & time budget.

5.Classify the work :- Most important, important and unimportant.